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Introducing Weed Stores . US

Jun 17 @ 10:57 PM by Admin Sam

The Top 5 Features You Will (probably) Appreciate Most

  1. Make as many shopping lists as you want
  2. Shopping list products can be from mixed stores
  3. Add the same product from different stores for price comparisons
  4. Get the freshest products - check product drops for your favorite category. Especially helpful for “flower”
  5. Clicking the “heart” icon for a product and store activates product drop emails for that product/store

Why Did I Make This?

I’m trying to reduce suffering by advocating for responsible adult cannabis use and supporting legal cannabis commerce. I’m using skills I’ve developed over many years of Internet software development. It’s an odd hobby I guess, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

A Better Experience for the Consumer

Shopping for cannabis products should not be complicated. It should be simple to find products and compare prices. Email stock alerts would be really nice too. 

Most importantly - you will never be asked for a credit card number or charged for using this website. It’s not about money, it’s advocacy.

You will need to create a free account in order to save shopping lists and favorites. Enter an email to get updates when your favorite products come back in stock at your favorite stores. Simple!

A “Sister Site” for Stores

This site provides a cannabis-friendly product presence that won’t “shadowban” or other shenanigans. This can be helpful to augment or replace “iframe” or broken implementations on websites. This application gets data directly from the store platform api, it does not rely on store websites to be working properly. The store website could be completely down and this site will still get daily product updates.

Social Links (and links in general)

Brands and stores can struggle with updating links on their websites due to staffing or technical challenges. With this in mind, a form was developed to update the same information here, so the process is fast and easy. 

Some Really Interesting Reports Are Possible Now

This site stores inventory data for almost 200 stores in Northern California. This inventory information is updated every day, directly from the data providers. From this data, some very interesting reports are generated and I’m excited to add more. If you have an idea for a report, please send me a message.

Integrators and developers will find the “debug” view on products particularly interesting. As far as I know, it’s the only place on the Internet where the internal platform IDs for products across all eight supported platforms is available in one place. I’m using that tool to resolve the duplicity of products among platforms.

Please Keep In Touch

Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns or ideas. 

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