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Recent Reviews

Brand Review
Feb 2
Sol Spirit Farm

5 / 5

This is my favorite outdoor flower. Every jar is fresh and perfectly cured. The flowers are dense and tasty and fun to roll up. Huge thanks to Judi and Walt at Sol Spirit Farm for providing reliable, high quality herb. 
Product Review
Jan 19
Sol Shine - 3.5g

5 / 5

Delicious! To me, this smells and tastes similar to two of my favorite strains - Jack Herer and Lamb's bread. The description on the website says it has indica origins and is recommended for a mellow and calming experience. I find strains like this are indeed calming, but with an alertness that I enjoy. The flowers are so dense - and a little goes a long way. Putting this on my favorites list for sure!
Product Review
Jan 9
GMO Garlic Cookies - 3.5g

4 / 5

Really nice "big greenhouse" flower. Perfectly grown and cured. The only reason it's not five-star is because I reserve that for flower with trichomes still intact. I understand that's difficult at scale, so it's probably not a fair metric. It's top-notch flower to be sure. 
Product Review
Jan 4
White Out - 14g

5 / 5

Inigo Montoya would say "I have never seen it's equal."  This is absolutely perfect in every way. Expertly grown, trimmed and cured. PERFECT.
Product Review
Dec 31
Super Silver Haze

5 / 5

Expertly grown and cured. Absolutely perfect daytime flower! Lots of spicy flavors coming through. Love UpNorth!
Product Review
Dec 31
Purple Milk - 3.5g

5 / 5

Small-batch attention to detail is appreciated! This is expertly grown indoor from NorCal. I especially appreciate the consistency from Trichome. They obviously take great care in their whole production process. 
Product Review
Dec 31
Horchata - That Good Good

5 / 5

Remarkably effective - and super smooth rolled up. Perfect cure, nice mellow sweet flavor. So much hard work goes into producing excellent flower like this. Thank you to the team at That Good Good for providing this wonderful product.
Product Review
Dec 31
Bazooka - 3.5g

5 / 5

Perfectly grown and cured as always. This strain mellowed me out! Super sweet, really smooth rolled up. Love everything the Clarkie's team does, this is no exception. Top quality!

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